Monday, November 28, 2005


I have spent the morning downloading and organizing my Christmas music. Old favorites and rediscovered treasures always make this a rewarding undertaking. The payoff is a wonderful mix of tunes to let play for hours on end. I will make mix cds for the kids as well as some personal copies of their favorites. They love Trans-Siberian Railroad-rock and roll meets the symphony. They actually have an interesting sound. I hear they put on a great live show. Maybe someday we'll go. For gifts, I am working on fingerless gloves for Jeff and David's hat. He got a ball of yarn last Christmas, so this year he actually gets the hat. Sad. But, I have no time for regrets as I am a busy woman. I start as many things as I finish, I just rotate around. My projects are uncomplaining and endlessly patient. They just don't seem to mind if I don't get to them immediately. A nice email came over the weekend from one of my students in the lace shawl class. She loved how hers turned out. I am glad because she was worried she wouldn't like it. It is glorious.