Other Class Offerings

Mastering Yarn Substitution: 3-6 Hours

Learn to predict the results of yarn substitution by understanding yarn weights, fiber content, gauge, measuring, and how all of these elements interact. Gain confidence to take control of your knitting as you learn why things sometimes go wrong and how you can prevent disappointment. This is primarily a lecture class, but includes ample time for student questions, demos, swatches, and time spent with a real pattern to allow each student to practice the basic math involved. This class can be expanded to 6 hours by including more intense work with actual patterns and real time substitution calculations. 

Left Can Be Right For You: 3 Hours 

Learn the basics of controlling your yarn with your left hand. We'll start with Continental knitting and purling, then take a trip around the world to explore many the knitting styles and innovations that have evolved to make purling (and knitting) with the yarn in the left hand more efficient. These include Norwegian, Eastern Combined, and several others


Beginner Entrelac Scarf: 3 Hours

Learn the basic moves of Entrelac and make a scarf.  We will use stockinette stitch and get a firm grasp on the architecture and principles of the technique so you will be able to read your knitting and know exactly where you are in the pattern at any time. 

Garter Stitch Entrelac Scarf: 3 Hours

This is Kellie's best-selling pattern and takes Entrelac to the next step. Garter stitch is actually a bit more challenging because the right and wrong sides are not distinct, making it a necessity that the knitter understand the basics of the technique. 


Knitting in Both Directions: 2-3 Hours

This is the skill of being able to work stitches in either direction and better understand stitch formation. It is great for entrelac, sock heels, short rows, bobbles and other applications. We will start at the very beginning, then work a sample swatch to allow practice for this useful skill.  


Design a Top-Down Raglan: 3-4 3 hour sessions with significant homework in between.

Start with some measurements, decide your approach, and start knitting. This is a satisfying and very personal way to design a great one-of-a-kind sweater because you can refine fit and customize design details as you go. The hardest part is at the top, so the first two sessions will focus on design and getting the yoke figured out, then the last sessions will be sleeves, body and finishing.  


Lace: 3 Hours

Using a small project of wrist warmers, learn lace knitting from the beginning and have a wonderful gift pattern to take home.   


Intriguing I-cord: 6 hour (all day)

-cord is the simplest kind of circular knitting and can be used for a cast-on, several different kinds of edgings, a bind-off and an embellishment. That’s pretty versatile for one simple technique! In this class, we will make a small pouch that is easily adapted to carry a cell phone, credit cards or other treasures. As a bonus, we will also get a taste of double knitting. The most magical part is that the entire thing is knitted on two needles and there is no seaming! Weave in your ends and it’s ready to use!

Appropriate for anyone who can knit and purl.

Reading Patterns and Understanding the Language of Knitting: 3 hour
Knitting fabric and reading a pattern are two distinct skills, and the latter can be practiced and cultivated so that your knitting life becomes easier and more satisfying. In this class, we will discuss tips and skills that will help you to use patterns as a tool to get you where you want to go instead of feeling trapped by them. We will discuss abbreviations, resources for finding answers and how to rewrite make notes. The goal of this class is to increase your confidence and help you to always know where you at in a pattern. We will be knitting a sample that will allow practice in shaping, texture, lace and knitting in the round.

Appropriate for any knitter.

Contemporary Fair Isle-style Designs in Socks: 6 hour (all day)
If you’ve never tried Fair Isle or other stranded knitting techniques, this class will take you through the basics of stranded knitting techniques, give you the opportunity to design some simple fair isle motifs and practice knitting them. Along the way, we will discuss the application of stranded knitting in socks and mittens and understand the nature of the fabric for the purposes of fitting and design. We will also play around with the fun that can be had using stacked, variegated and long-repeat self-striping yarns in Fair Isle design.

Must be comfortable knitting in the round and be able to knit and purl

Using Pattern Dictionaries for Sock Design: 3 hour
If you’ve ever knit a sock, you’re ready to design a sock. Cuff design is the next step to making unique
sock art for yourself. We will learn what kinds of stitch patterns work well for cuffs, discuss the
principles of converting flat stitch patterns to circular knitting and sample several patterns for practice.

Must be comfortable knitting in the round. Previous Sock-knitting experience helpful but not required.