Friday, May 16, 2008

Why I Knit. (or one of the main reasons, anyway)

I love yarn. Sometimes more than knitting. Should I have said that in a whisper?? Oh well, it's true.
Really, I don't have to say anything more than that, but I will tell you about it.

These are the three colorways of Fleece Artist's Bluefaced Leicester from Little Knits, which I, like the knitting sheep that I am, obediently ordered after clicking on the link next to the Knitty Spring Surprise. I mean really. How was I supposed to resist pressure like that? One of my favorite fibers, a new shop to try (fabulous by the way-great customer service) and a fun design to inspire me. I won't be making Tempest, lovely as it is, because the idea of horizontal stripes on my thickish torso just makes me laugh out loud, but I will be doing something with it. I've been doing a lot of fair isle with handpaints against a solid, so that's what I have these slated for. They'll go together if I don't mind a little harmonic color disappearance (they share a shade of green) or they'll go beautifully with one of the hundred hanks of Harrisville Shetland style that I have.

The Maryland Sheep and Wool festival was really fun this year. I always enjoy that. I got to do a bit of work with Leslye Solomon and found her to be a really lovely woman. I taught my usual duo of knitting and crochet for kids, which, in only an hour time with up to 10 kids, really amount to a try-it class with a plea to the parents at the end to find them another teacher with more time and less kids. But, they go on, everyone seems to enjoy them and I like doing it.

In other news, Cloverhill is officially in the hands of Jolene Mosley and I'm very excited about it. She is already bringing in some wonderful boutique yarn lines. Yummy stuff. I will be getting back to teaching there this summer and fall, albeit on a limited basis just because the family wheel continues to need at least one hub to rotate around, that hub being me. So, watch for a few classes this summer and fall, and we'll see where things go from there.

Tomorrow I teach up at Schweitzer's Countryside (her website is still pending, but it is a great little shop) in Seven Valleys, PA. Beyond that, not much till Stitches Midwest in August. In the meantime, I'm always available for the odd private lesson, so don't hesitate to drop me a line at and we'll set something up.