Saturday, February 14, 2009

Knitting My Fingers to the Bone and Getting Ready for Stitches

I've been a knitting fool lately getting samples done for shops, author and designer friends. I have seriously talented friends there in my sidebar. Please check out their stuff. My work will be on display, albeit anonymously, at two shops at Stitches West-Ellen's Half Pint Farm and Homestead Heirlooms.

I really like sample knitting because sometimes it is so nice to just follow someone else's directions. It is especially fun when the patterns are really well done. I have also been enjoying playing the role of an organized knitter (as in, "I'm not really an organized knitter, but I play one on TV.") by busily making notes on the patterns, keeping track of when I started and finished, and sticking with one project until it is done and done quickly. I've never listened to so many books on tape in my life. It has all come at a very good time for me, when circumstances have made knitting a true respite from the real world, a world that, at the moment, has my head so full that it has not really had room for an original thought. Thus, I am grateful for the originality of my pals and grateful for this opportunity that I've had to do this work. I'm pleased to say I have yet another job coming from my brilliant author pal.

Another job came my way this week which is even more personal. I want to take some good pictures and post separately about that one. Stay tuned.

So, today my fiber life was replete with 2 excellent private lessons at the shop, good conversation with Jolene, Kate and Lyn, lots of time spent racing to the finish of one of the for-hire projects, and the satisfaction of keeping my commitment of one hour of spinning per day. It was actually hard to stop spinning. As a foil to all the programmed knitting, I've started to play around with the famous February Lady Sweater. I don't know if I dare say it, as popular as this pattern is, but I actually prefer EZ's original round yoke, so I am going to give that a try in Classic Elite Premier in a lovely pale lavender. Maybe I'll find out that the raglan yoke really does look better, but I'm at least going to give it a go using EZ and Meg's guidelines for shaping a round yoke. I've made this for big kids with all kinds of yarn and it turns out really fun. We shall see.

I leave a week from tomorrow for California. I'm detouring to SoCal to see a dear childhood pal, then will most likely drive north with a stop in the middle to see G. I really wish I could go way north to see H. in Yreka, but not this trip. I think next year that will be the plan.