Beginner/Intermediate Class Offerings

Knit Doctor Sessions: 2 or 3 hours works well, but other set-ups are possible. 
Bring any project, question or knitting problem and Kellie will help you solve it! 

Knitting Elements: 2 or 3 hours
Just the basics. Two or three hour class teaches cast-on, knit, purl and bind-off on a small swatch.  Swatch can be adjusted to be the makings of a small pouch, or a bookmark. 

Comprehensive Learn to Knit: 12-15 hours
Everything you need to start a lifetime of knitting.  Using Kellie’s original Bear Sweater pattern, students start from the beginning and go all the way to increases, decreases, seams and finishing.

Knitting Next: 6 hours
Adventurous beginners will learn to knit on double pointed needles, increase, add color, how to cable, and how to add stranded knitting to any project.  All this in one darling hat. 

Cable Ready: 2-3 hours
Learn to read charts and execute basic cables. Using a customizable hat pattern, students will learn how to add cables to any “plain” project.  You’ll be amazed at how simple this important technique is as well as the endless possibilities that will open up once learned.

Increases and Decreases: 2-3 hours
Students will understand basic increases and decreases and practice them using a sampler. 

The Charted Course: 2-3 hours
Students will begin a bookmark or belt that allows practice in reading charts for texture (knit-purl combos), lace and cables.  As a bonus, if any of these techniques is new to you, we will learn them in class. 

Cast-ons and Bind-offs: 2-3 hours
Learn why there are so many choices for cast-ons and bind-offs.  Focus on several of the most useful of each with bonus feature of learning a couple of special effect techniques.

Pattern Savvy: 2-3 hours
Reading a pattern is just as challenging as knitting itself, so come and learn how to do it.  Knitting has its own vocabulary, syntax and punctuation systems, so don’t get frustrated, get the facts and take control of your pattern reading. 

Round and Round We Go: 4-6 hours (2 sessions with homework in between)
This is a quick intro into all the methods of circular knitting.  Students will make a simple hat and learn to use one circular, two circulars, one long circular and double-pointed needles.  

Fixing Mistakes: 2-3 hours
Come with a swatch and learn how to be unafraid of your knitting. We will learn to fix the most common beginner mistakes, including dropped stitches, unintentional yarn-overs, and double stitches. We will also discuss when ripping is the right thing to do and how to do it with confidence. This class is always full of Ah-Ha moments so come join us and love your knitting again!