Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nametags and New Friends

I returned from Knitting Camp to find the house tidy, the children glad to see me and Eric in reasonably good spirits. Thanks them all for supporting my in the World of String and to Mom and Cathy for being there for Eric and the kids in my absence. Here is my very simplistic camp summary. Later on I might put up the essay I started on what it meant to me to be there, but it's pretty personal so I'll probably save it for my other journal.

Things I Really Enjoyed:
My roomie, Angela from Toronto-20 years old, incredibly bright and talented and just as excited as me to be there. She has more great photos on her blog, so check it out.
The nametags everyone made. This was an unexpected pleasure-what a master stroke of genius to break the ice and give others a snapshot of yourself. They were varied and beautiful and many had wonderful stories behind them. Here's mine.

Hearing Meg's soothing and cultured voice in person.

Sitting by Kris, Jane, Liz, Katie, Nancy and Darcy-what fun we had. Knitting should always be combined with laughter.

Seeing most of Elizabeth and Meg's sweaters from the books and newsletters-wow what a body of work. Here I am vamping with the masterpieces.

Talking with Barbara, Michael, Sam, Greg, Suzette, Willi, Lin, Alice, Gail, Frances, Lisa, Stephanie, and everyone else.

Listening to Lin play the Celtic harp in the evenings-soothing and beautiful.

Finishing my circular entrelac tam. The mysteries of circular entrelac begin to unfold to me, and even though mine is too big, it was a valuable project. You can see it in the above photo. Natty, eh?

Being the student. Most of it was review for me, so even better, having a truly re-engerizing break from everything usual about my world.

Being among my tribe. That's how I felt when I first walked into a yarn shop. I think I made some real, new friends, and I am looking forward to cultivating those friendships.

Here is Sam's amazing Pi shawl made from the most
beautiful tencel yarn. We swiped tablecloths and blocked it right on the
floor of the conference room. Is it not a thing of beauty?