Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Other Life

Since most of my focus of late has been on knitting, there is little to write about in other areas of my life, so for now, this is my primary blog. The news is that thanks to Fed-Ex's Airport office having a 9:15 drop-off, I was able to get the package out the door on Thursday and received a nice email on Friday acknowledging its arrival. What a green-horn I must sound like, making such a deal out of one magazine submission. There are folks who have 2 or 3 garments in every magazine. Although, I have heard reports of Lily Chin needing to be fed meals by her husband while she finished deadlines, so maybe I'm okay (and she doesn't have 5 kids).
Anyway, I was happy with the overall results, although there is some tweaking to be done. I actually look forward to their comments and suggestions about improving the pattern, because that is my weak spot and the thing that has prevented me from publishing more of my ideas.

I finished the repair of a baby blanket for a four-year-old friend for whom it is her most important comfort item. It was a big repair and she has been waiting a long time. Another repair is a little more poignant. A much older friend dropped off a beloved old sweater in February to be fixed for a second time and told me not to rush, that she wouldn't need it before next fall, and a few weeks ago, she passed away. It is a moving feeling to hold an object of hers after she is gone. So I need to get that done and back to her family for them to cherish.

I'm doing test knitting and another project for Gwen's book, but both of those are small and will be done in a matter of days. I think I'll have a whole sweater to do for Gwen in early June, but it sounds gorgeous and I think I may have even helped with the final color choice, so that will be fun. It will be great when all these things are published to be able to show you what they look like.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Think I'm Going to Make it!

So, I'm almost done with the knitting, the patterns are written and I have all day tomorrow to put the polish on everything before overnighting it before the post office closes. Luckily, my personality is pathologically dependable, so I actually will make the deadline, even if it does, in fact, cause my death.

Note to self: Remember NOT to agree to alter prom dresses for friends during knitting deadlines. Especially if said prom is the same day as deadline.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Busily Knitting

I'm working on a submission for a national mag, doing test knitting and updating all my handouts. I suddenly feel like I'm working for a living. My friends still smirk when I tell them I'm a professional knitter, but that's okay. I'm keeping busy and that feels good. Well it will until I have to pull an all-nighter to get everything out the door.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A New Blog

I have good news. I have one more thing to be irregular and "artistic" about. No, just kidding. I have a great new opportunity that I'm very excited about, I just haven't remembered to put it here for me, myself and I to have the thrill of reading about it online and clicking on a link instead of having to google for it.

Gwen Bortner, my esteemed colleague, has invited me to be one of the Knitting Professors on her excellent blog about the adventures of knitting teachers. We will have a back and forth conversation about anything that comes up in the world of knitting. I hope you'll check it out. I find that I like writing about teaching almost as much as actually teaching.

Now I just have to remember to occasionally log onto Ravelry.
Oh dear.