Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year, A New Post-Finally!

That's what happens when you get a contract project that takes over your life. In a good way of course. Let's just say that nothing else got done since my last post, because I really was working nearly full time on project for Gwen. It got finished just before Christmas, to good effect. Plus it was fun as always due to Gwen's clever designing.

Now I'm working on things of my own choosing. A few small things were finished, but none were from stash. I made my niece a School Colors Hat for Northern Arizona University, where she now attends. It was in Encore in Navy and Gold. It turned out fine, but I think I might make the medium instead and send it along for her to try on and then give the other one to a friend. I also made a couple of Calorimetry Headbands for my running friends. I made those out of Polar Knit, a yarn made of actual strips of Polar Fleece. They worked up okay, but a bit big. It is bulky and the pattern is written for worsted, so I cast on 96 instead of 120. I think I should do 88 or 84 for future ones out of that yarn. I ended up folding down one end when I sewed on the buttons.  A cute pattern it is, though and my pals liked theirs.  I'm going to make one for myself, too.

Anyway, I'm back to knitting for myself and spinning up a storm. I'm even getting back to my loom, albeit in a very small way. I'm going to work on scarves on my Voyageur table loom.  I do intend to keep posting here even as I embark on an exciting new project with Gwen. We'll be working on another blog that will debut as The Same Stitch. It's not live yet, but I'll let you know when it is. What we're going for is to present Two Sides of the Same Stitch, because that's what knitting is-just two sides of the same stitch. Gwen and I are so sympathetic in our views of the principles of knitting, but we have differing strengths and knowledge, so it will be really fun to look at the same projects or teaching ideas from two different perspectives.

Happy New Year to All!

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